Multicolored Jadau Necklace Set in Gold Plated Sterling Silver NS 146

$395.00 USD

This product is not ready to ship and may require 4-6 weeks for delivery. Ready to ship gold plated silver necklace sets can be found here

Make a lasting impression with this beautiful multicolored necklace set! This light and elegant necklace set includes a necklace and earrings set in gold-plated sterling silver. This set of imitation designer jewelry makes for the perfect look for any occasion. The setting stones include precious freshwater pearls and synthetic red and green stones that closely resemble rubies and emeralds. The hanging beads on this necklace and earrings are real rubies! 


  • Gold-plated sterling silver
  • Rubies
  • Freshwater pearls 
  • Matching necklace and earrings set 

This gorgeous multicolored necklace set is the perfect accessory for any occasion and is sure to be a head-turner. Crafted from high-quality materials, this stunning necklace set features an intricate design of red and green stones and freshwater pearls, interspersed with gold-plated silver for an eye-catching effect. Showcase your style with imitation designer jewelry from our online jewelry store and make a lasting impression! 


  • 50 gms 
  • Shipping is free across Continental USA.
  • Ready-to-ship jewelry items typically dispatch within 2-3 days of order confirmation.
  • Made-to-order jewelry orders can take up to 5 weeks to ship.
  • If you require any direct assistance with your luxury imitation jewelry, please contact Deccan Jewelry. 

Jewelry Care 

  • Please store the jewelry in a Ziplock bag, and ensure it is kept dry. Avoid storing Deccan Jewelry in velvet boxes. 
  • For cleaning, rinse with soapy water and use a soft brush to remove dirt/sweat and regain full shine. Fully dry the jewelry before placing it back in storage. 
  • To enhance luster, you can apply a tiny amount of coconut oil on the stones and beads with an oil-soaked toothpick.

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