Deccan Jewelry

Navratan Jadau Bangles

$65.00 USD

If you are a fan of floral-inspired and colorful designs, the Navratan Jandau Bangles are a perfect fit for you. These handcrafted gold-plated bangles complement almost any attire and will be an eye-catcher for anyone who wears it. 


  • Floral-inspired designs with colorful Jadau pearls
  • Hollow carved design for added depth
  • Polished gold plating that shimmers in the light

If there is one thing missing from any good jewelry collection is a stunning gold-plated bangle with gorgeous genuine Jadau Pearls. Add some elegance and class to any outfit with our Navratan Jadau Bangles. 


  • 22ct. Gold plated
  • Genuine Jadau pearls
  • Handcrafted
  • Sizes ranging from 2.4 - 2.6

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